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  • Science-policy information
  • Species distribution data
  • Biodiversity tools and models
  • Maps and visualisations
  • Who has what data (metadata)
  • An engaging blog on the science, policy and enjoyment of freshwater life
  • A online cabinet of freshwater curiosities

Introducing the BioFresh platform – a new community information resource

We offer a collection of resources and tools to support better science, policy and management of freshwater life. Whether you are a scientist, a policy maker, consultant, educator, activist or simply an interested citizen you are sure to find something on the platform that will enhance your work and impact or feed your curiosity. This may be a database, a species distribution map, a thoughtful article, an online training manual or an idea prompted by engaging with this knowledge product. Take a few moments to explore the platform and find what is useful to you.

This is a dynamic platform. If you have data, maps or other information to contribute please get in touch. If there is something important missing let us know at We will be adding new content so please bookmark the site and visit again.

A quick guide to the platform

If you’re looking for occurrence data, distribution information, or species data check out the BioFresh Data Portal.

If you are after visualisations or geographic data you can check out our collection of thematic maps, or the results of our modelling on the Global Freshwater Biodiversity Atlas.

If you’re interested in the big research questions for freshwater biodiversity, a guide to the key journals and papers in the field, or are wondering which models to use for your own work, then you should visit the Research, Policy, Education & Media Resources.

For teaching resources, information and ideas about freshwater biodiversity policy, or press information you should also check out our section on Research, Policy, Education & Media Resources.

To find out about the latest developments and discussions in freshwater biodiversity read our popular BioFresh Blog.

Or if you just want to explore the weird and wonderful world of freshwater biodiversity, then visit our amazing Cabinet of Freshwater Curiosities.


For an introduction into the platform and the data portal watch the e-seminar: Data Exchange for Biodiversity Conservation in Freshwater Ecosystems - Introducing the BioFresh Platform and Data Portal

News from the world of BioFresh

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Global Freshwater Biodiversity Atlas: .. explore the atlas

BioFresh Newsletter No.8: latest newsletter

Water lives - Science Policy Symposium : videos, listen to podcast, download presentations and more

Curious freshwater life

Visit the Cabinet of Curiosities and see more

Thought you knew about the animals and plants that live in our rivers and lakes? Do you know about scuba-diving spiders? Or intergalactic amphibians with superhero defence mechanisms? How about carnivorous plants? Or a tiny seal that lives landlocked in the world’s oldest and deepest lake, hundreds of miles from the sea.

Enter the Cabinet of Curiosities and see more..


Scientists for freshwater life

The BioFresh platform is an information infrastructure for freshwater biodiversity. It allows scientists, conservation and ecosystem managers, policy makers and the interested public to access all available data describing the distribution, status and trends of global freshwater biodiversity to further assure healthy freshwaters and the crucial services they provide.

BioFresh is constantly searching for freshwater biodiversity data. We invite scientists, students and other interested persons from all over the world to contribute to. Increase the visibility of your data and research by publishing them on the BioFresh information platform.

Help us to build a global hub for freshwater biodiversity data

You have a database or know about the existence of one?
Tell us about your data and have it documented in the BioFresh metadatabase...

You want to publish data which was used in a paper?
Read how to publish primary biodiversity data used in a scientific paper...

You want to publish a paper about data?
Read how to make a dataset available through the publication of a data paper...

You want to publish your biodiversity research results as a map?
Look at the Global Freshwater Biodiversity Atlas and read how to publish a map there...

You think about other options to get involved?
Read more about linking to web resources, data archiving and much more...

Funded by the European Union

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement No. 226874.

The project aims to build a global information platform for scientists and ecosystem managers with access to all available databases describing the distribution, status and trends of global freshwater biodiversity.